Chrysalis: An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities (Chrysalis) is a registered Canadian charity and not-for profit society that has operated for more than 52 years.

Parents and community members realized that adults with disabilities deserved equal opportunities to contribute to their communities. In 1968, Chrysalis began as a Canadian centennial project under the University of Alberta’s direction. One of the first of its kind in the world—an agency that planned for training adults with developmental disabilities to produce manufactured goods using automated machinery, Chrysalis offered individuals alternatives to staying in school or being inactive in their residential settings.

Chrysalis has served in the Metro Edmonton area since 1968, and the Metro Calgary area since 1988.  In 2018, Chrysalis celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Today, Chrysalis uses a human-centered approach in designing personalized services to meet the needs of the individuals whom we serve, adults with developmental disabilities, while providing meaningful outcomes for growth and community inclusion for them.

About 85% of our current funding for Chrysalis is from the Government of Alberta. Remaining funds come from fund development activities and profits from our social enterprises, Chrysalis Woods & Plastics LP and chrysp LP.

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Chrysp was born out of a need to create a sustainable revenue stream that directly benefits the individuals that Chrysalis serves each and every day.

Like many other registered charities and non-profit organizations in the province, the ability to constantly create and deliver innovative programs and services that meet the complex needs of our most valued stakeholders – adult Albertans with disabilities – depends on having adequate, reliable funding sources. 

To proactively address provincial funding pressures and ensure that the people in service at Chrysalis receive the very best standard of care, we decided to embark on a journey to expand our existing social enterprise portfolio and grow our own revenue streams. Our journey included both global and local perspectives. The world is changing rapidly and traditional agricultural techniques are becoming increasingly challenging to employ as climate change impacts our planet. While we’re not traditional farmers, we do plant and tend to local community connections. 

Our new social enterprise journey takes us down a path where we cultivate fresh, locally-grown and sold produce year-round in a controlled environment. We choose to do good in the world – as a registered charity and non-profit, and as responsible global citizens and compassionate stewards of the environment to reduce our global footprint. 

These days, we are a true global village, and each of us gets to choose daily how to raise the quality of life for ourselves, our loved ones and our community members. We hope you’ll join us and be part of a ‘chrysp’ new solution to creating a better world for us all.

chrysp’s main goals are to:

  • Build strong inclusive community connections through collaborative relationships

  • Enhance and diversify sustainable financial support to Chrysalis: An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities through fresh, locally-grown produce year-round
  • Employ and empower Chrysalis individuals in the production of healthy produce

  • Reduce our global footprint through socially-conscious farming

  • Contribute to the local economy by growing healthy produce in the heart of Edmonton