hydroponic hype

Hydroponics are flush with the following advantages compared to traditional soil-grown crop production.


  • Source production closer to point of consumption
  • Use water up to 90% more efficiently
  • Use environmentally-friendly means of product growth as there are no chemical weed or pest control products used
  • Maximize growing capacity by 3 to 10 times more cubic volume in the same amount of space
  • Can produce crops twice as fast
  • Decrease the time between harvest and consumption which increases the nutritional value of the end product
  • Can reliably produce crops year-round with a indoor climate-controlled environment
  • Are less susceptible to E. Coli or bacteria than soil-grown plants

Check out the benefits in colour.

healthy eating

Colour your world with our green eating cuisine! There’s an abundance of health benefits to enhance yours and your loved ones’ diets so you can:

  • Protect your brain function
  • Reduce belly bloat and toxins in your systems
  • Relieve stress
  • Boost digestive enzymes and inflammation response
  • Support optimal gut health, bone health, your immune system and healthy aging
  • Help your skin to naturally glow and your body to balance sugars

There’s a plethora of additional benefits, so consider a partnership with chrysp to get your weekly and daily doses of locally-grown field of greens.

our water garden

There’s a lot of growth in our business because we work with superstars in the food world – everything from the brassicas to the microgreens, Asian hearty and leafy greens to herbs.

Our operations are so smooth that our ‘elvis parsley’ really gets our ‘good chives’ rockin’.

In summer 2020 see what’s cultivating in the Edmonton water garden.